Talk To All Animals

Talk To All Animals welcomes you to the home of heart to heart, interspecies or animal communication.  This is where you can expand and deepen your relationship, knowledge and understanding of the animals in your life.  Harness simple and thorough animal communications, animal chats and animal whispering remotely via a photograph or book a private session with Ruth in person. Alternatively sign up to a group workshop or monthly petplan to learn more about your animals wants and needs, which in turn lead to a happier and healthier home!

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Benefit from detailed insights and greater clarity of your animals wants and needs, from an in person animal communication session and get all of your questions answered with Ruth.

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Book a remote animal communication

Book a remote animal communication session with Ruth if you are further than a 20 mile radius away from Colchester, to find out the answers to questions you’d like answers to from your animal.

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Talking To Animals

Known as Ruthy Doolittle to her friends, Ruth has been a guardian of animals since she was very small and continues to be a magnet to animals all around the world.

Talking To All Animals

Opening your heart.  Expand the knowledge and understanding of the animal in your life and feel a deeper connection through a private animal communication or learn how to do it yourself through a group workshop.

Deepening Relationships

Deepening relationships and understanding through animal chats and animal communication which provides you with clarity on your animals wants and needs; a happy animal makes a happy home!

Transitioning Animals

Providing emotional support to transitioning animals and their carers. Find peace with sudden or end of life circumstances, when your animal prepares to or has crossed the rainbow bridge.


It was really interesting and just amazing

Ruth came out to visit us and our 4 pets, we have 2 dogs and 2 cats so we were very keen to see what they had to say!
The animals all gathered round...(which only ever happens at dinner time!) and she spoke to each of them in turn. Their personalities were spot on and the things Ruth said were just what we would think they'd say, plus some things about what they like and any aches etc. that we can help with some extra diet supplements. It was really interesting and just amazing.
If you are sceptical or worried, don’t be! Ruth is really friendly and also professional and there's no doubt you will feel so pleased to find out what's on your pets mind 😀
Thanks again Ruth xx

Face-to-face client

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Ever wondered what’s going on in your cat, dog or equestrians mind? Well now you can!
Get to know your animal friend better in no time, find out their core dietary needs, what makes them happy and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to with a private animal communication session!

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