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Discover more about Ruth’s Journey and discover how Talk To All Animals was formed.

Ruth talking to her ferrets

Poppy and Berry with Ruth in 1997

Known as Dr Doolittle to her friends, Ruth has been a guardian of animals since she was very small and a magnet to animals all around the world. Ask her an animal related question and she is unlikely to stop talking anytime soon! Stop at any destination and usually an animal or bird will present itself to her.

It may sound odd and unusual or may be very familiar to you, either way animal communication is something we are all born with the ability to do. Yes, that is actually true and doesn’t require any special skills, other than an open heart and the ability to truly listen.

You may have heard of Dr Doolittle, be a big fan of David Bellamy or even David Attenborough, they all have a deep affinity with animals. However the lady who changed everything for Ruth was Anna Breytenbach, a South African interspecies communicator and public speaker with her video of communicating with Spirit, you can watch it here.

You see Ruth always knew she could communicate with animals, as a child it was poo-pooed, who believes in Unicorns? She did and still does yet she didn’t let that deter her.

Ruth talking to the donkeys

Rescue donkey Thistle and Ruth

On her travels around the world there were too many encounters with animals, wild, captive and domesticated for this to not be true, yet Ruth like many others, dismissed it and put it down to her imagination or an ability to understand the ‘body language’ of the animal.

Yet when she started to “hear’ her rescue cat say things to her she wasn’t so convinced. When Anna’s video appeared in Ruth’s newsfeed she just had to listen to the calling in her heart and find a way to learn how to be an Animal Communicator, as this video proved to Ruth that interspecies or animal communication really does exist and is something that humans can learn.

Ruth studied aromatherapy, massage and reiki and wanted to add to her holistic health repertoire and get out there working with animals. She spent many hours researching until she came across and chose her teachers here in the UK and across the pond in Texas, USA.

James French – The Trust Technique.

Pea Horsley – Animal Communication Workshops.

The Lightfoot Way – Animal Communication, Holistic Health and Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy SASA.

In October 2015 Ruth started the journey of learning animal communication and has been building up her business since October 2016, she continues to study and says “Animal Communication is like a lifelong apprenticeship, how will I ever stop learning from the Animal Kingdom?’.

You may be skeptical about having a communication with your own animal, in fact some of the people Ruth has worked with have been too. Have a read of some of the feedback she has received, you may just open your heart a little to have a go yourself. You never know you may be pleasantly surprised!

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