Animal Aromatherapy Consultation

Find out how Talk To All Animals can help your animal and you.

This can have a huge benefit to an animals wellbeing, however it is only offered when absolutely required as many oils are toxic to animals and can have an adverse effect on an animals wellbeing. Please note I am a qualified aromatherapist and never recommend ingesting essential oils.

Aromatherapy can provide immense support to an animal, creating a custom remedy along with sharing advice on how to use it the right way can help restore balance with your animal. P&P is additional.

Photos must:

  • Be of good quality
  • Show the animals face
  • Have the animals eyes looking into the camera.
  • Where it is a larger animal such as a horse or a cow, then a full-body photohgraph is required.

You will receive instructions on how to use and store the oils, all oils used are organic and each animal is muscle tested for the exact amount to use, how and for how long.  Essential oils must never be ingested.

£30 plus £10 per custom blend

Talk To All Animals

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