Animal Bach Flower
Remedy Consultation

Find out how Talk To All Animals can help your animal with a custom Animal Bach Flower Remedy.

Super gentle and easy to administer this remedy is natural and comes from mother earth.  Rescue remedy is probably the most well known remedy, though only really useful for sudden shocks.  I offer a consultation and then custom blend bach flower remedies suitable for even the most infirm or tricky of animals, these remedies support an animal with their emotional needs and can have lasting and profound impact on their wellness.

Animals struggle to release their emotions and Bach Flower Remedies are a great way to do this gently and naturally. Send in a recent photograph of your pet and I will find out exactly what they need and how to administer it.

Photos must:

  • Be of good quality
  • Show the animals face
  • Have the animals eyes looking into the camera.
  • Where it is a larger animal such as a horse or a cow, then a full body shot is required.

£30 plus £10 per custom blend

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