Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge is an experience I’ve witnessed and experienced more times than I care to.   I speak from personal experience when I write about this subject and I know that I can help you with this too.   It is said in poems and writings that when an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  The image is a little feature article I wrote for a local magazine.

Crossing the rainbow bridge, Talk To All Animals

Spending time with our pets create lasting bonds, even if the animal only has a short life or time with us, we can become incredibly attached to our four legged friends. It goes both ways, they can become incredibly attached to our families and us too.

Some animals we adore despite their flaws, others we have an extra special bond and connection with.  It is no surprise that when the time comes for them to cross the rainbow bridge and in the time afterwards, however long that may be; we experience a range of different emotions and feelings.

Help with animal bereavement.

Animal bereavement is real, I know some people scoff at it and that is their understanding of it. However for those of us that know our animals have strong feelings and know our own mind, understand the depth of our own feelings and emotions and absolutely love our animal; we know that this is part of the responsibility of being a pet parent.  It is also incredibly real, and recognising that you are not being silly and that your feelings are grief is the beginning of your healing journey.

For all the time animals share their hearts, there will be a time when all we have left are memories. Cherish every moment together.“

Often you will know that your animal is facing their golden years, they slow down and play less. Sadly some of our furry friends get ill and you look after them, care for them and meet their needs preparing you both for the inevitable. Sometimes your animal will slip away peacefully crossing the rainbow bridge in their sleep and other times may require assistance from a vet. Of course your animal may cross the rainbow bridge suddenly which can be an enormous shock with devastating emotions or you are left wondering as they have vanished without a trace.

Get in touch.

Whichever departure you may be experiencing, they can all be equally painful regardless of the circumstances.  Know that there is help out there for you, recognise how you are feeling and reach out and ask for  the support you need. Please don’t think you are silly for feeling this way, recognise the loss you are experiencing and then find a way to support yourself through.  After all, you know that your animal would want you to be looked after and receiving support so you can carry on with your life.

Need help? Read my 7 tips for Coping with Animal Bereavement, simple ways that you can ease the pain of losing a special animal in your life. Or for specialist support using call me on 07565 903753 to find out if could work together. You can also get in touch with me here.

Love, Ruthy Doolittle x

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