Animal Crystal Therapy Consultation

Find out how Talk To All Animals can help you and your animal.

Animal Crystal Therapy can have a profound impact on an animals health, I work remotely via a photograph to find out what will support your animal and provide full feedback and suggestions to make a difference.

Animal Crystal Therapy can gently support your animal with all manner of more subtle feelings and emotions.  Sometimes the crystal can be used in their home or infused with water and given orally to help support your animal.

Photos must:

  • Be of good quality
  • Show the animals face
  • Have the animals eyes looking into the camera.
  • Where it is a larger animal such as a horse or a cow, then a full body shot is required.

Pricing is £30 for a remote or in person consultation

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If you are curious and want to know more, or feel your animal needs gentle crystal therapy then please do get in touch.

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