Animal EFT Session

Find out how Talk To All Animals can help your animal with an Emotional Freedom Technique Session

An animal EFT Session can be incredibly powerful,  I use EFT or emotional freedom technique, sometimes called Tapping to overcome trauma and other emotional issues, usually carried out via a photograph and then in person if required.  An Animal EFT session can change an animals behaviours in a very short window of time, it is a totally natural and gentle treatment.

Trauma can impact the way an animal behaves and rather than having your animal rehomed or worse, try an Animal EFT session to help them get through their emotional difficulties. Sessions are remote via a recent photo.

Photos must:

  • Be of good quality
  • Show the animals face
  • Have the animals eyes looking into the camera.
  • Where it is a larger animal such as a horse or a cow, then a full body shot is required.

Pricing is £30 for a remote session

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