Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Find out how Talk To All Animals can help you and your animal with crossing the rainbow bridge.

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Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

If your animal has crossed the rainbow bridge or is preparing to do so,  it is quite possible that you are struggling coming to terms with this, or want to learn more about your animal, where they are, how they are feeling and more questions.

This is a totally natural response, our animals share so much of our lives and our hearts, it can be very painful preparing your animal for this transition or accepting things once they have passed over.

Talking to someone who understands about this is crucial part of you being able to move on (even if you don’t feel ready to move on today) know that you are in safe hands with Ruth, who will talk you through some beautiful techniques to help with your feelings and also provide some really practical tips of things you can do at home to honor your animal.

Book a face-to-face or remote visit where Ruth will work with you one-to-one, to equip you with the tools be able to move on, in the most respectful and gentle way, at your own pace.

You will need to bring or supply a photo of your animal.

Photos must:

  • Be of good quality
  • Show the animals face
  • Have the animal’s eyes looking into the camera.
  • Where it is a larger animal such as a horse or a cow, then a full body shot is required.

Please read the testimonial below from a lady whom Talk To All Animals was able to help, her cat had crossed the bridge 12 months before, she had experienced a really terrible time and struggled to move on, we had two sessions 6 weeks apart.

“I’ve just had my ceremony for my beautiful girl…a year on from her crossing. I printed off your notes from our first session and followed your direction and hers…I can’t thank you enough. It was beautiful…so sad I have cried for 2 hours…but so grateful for her time and love. You’re an angel, you’ve really helped me move on, thank you. Xxxxxx”

Customers have gained greater peace of mind, known exactly what to do, how and when, while preparing for transition and gained greater peace in their hearts afterwards.

Book your session today.

Pricing is £58 for a face-to-face visit and £38 for a crossing the rainbow bridge session via a photo.

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