Pet Plan Care

Pet Plan Care

Pet Plan Care is a monthly support package, offering guidance and insights into providing holistic care and natural wellness for the animals in your life.

It is ideal for those taking on a new animal – especially for those who have a rescue animal. Established pet parents can benefit from the plan too, as it helps to understand the changing needs of the animals in your care over time.

What can I expect with Pet Plan Care?

The initial animal communication session will provide invaluable insights about your animal, allowing you to really get to know your animal, its wants and needs. You will find out which areas your animal needs support with, and in what priority this support needs to be delivered. During the subsequent monthly sessions you will get the chance to ask your animal questions, and discover what additional support your animal may need such as training or massage. As you both settle into a new routine you will better understand one another, and you will feel more confident that the natural wellness and holistic health you are providing is the right thing for your animal – leading to a happier home for everyone!

The Pet Plan Care service provides the following:

  • 12 months of holistic and wellness support for you and your animal.
  • An opportunity to find out what your animals exact wants, needs and desires are through an initial in-depth Animal Communication and Natural Wellness Consultation.
  • Monthly catch-up Animal Communication sessions at your home or online via Zoom to answer ongoing or new questions.
  • A guide to the most suitable core diet for your animal.
  • Practical support with providing good holistic health for your animal.
  • Tips for achieving ongoing and lasting natural wellness for your animal.
  • Holistic therapies such as reiki, bach flower remedies, or crystal therapy.
  • Signposting to other appropriate natural wellness professionals such as Trainers, Chiropractors or the Vet.

How does Pet Plan Care actually work?

Pet Plan Care is a series of private support sessions with me at your home, online via Zoom (a bit like skype), or by phone.  There is an initial sign up fee and then a monthly subscription for the remaining 11 months.

During the course of a year, I will provide support to you and your animal, sharing my wealth of experience and tools that will be useful to you both during your journey together.

As the initial communication session works best in person at your home, and I am based in Colchester, Pet Plan Care is primarily delivered to clients in the South East of England. However, I am happy to travel further if required. Please note that all sessions are strictly by appointment only, and while you will have my contact details and mobile number that I do not provide an out of hours service and do take weekends as time out with my family.

Pet Plan Care, Talk To All Animals, Magic the cat

Pet Plan Care – Magic the Cat!

Let us introduce you to Magic, the black male kitten on Pet Plan Care here in Essex.

He is a gorgeous young kitten with nothing but love to share with his home, during our most recent visit we went deep and asked him all sorts of questions from his favourite things to do and eat all the way to his perspective on his human family, seeing auras and sensing energies.

I know that some of that may sound a bit woo-woo and weird to you, but listen up for a moment. Cats eyesight is ridiculously better than humans and they can see a lot more than  us, that we don’t and can’t because what is in our eyes is different and cats are able to see UV light and other light frequencies that we can’t.  Incredible!

Magic was able to give feedback on some of the things he’d like support with in the home, like his curiosity to go and explore outside yet equal hesitation because of cars and other traffic and how the children interact with him.

I was able to share this with his Mum and she requested that they explore the back garden and outdoors with the children which was a win-win solution for all.  They are now waiting for the weather to warm up so they can have fun outside.

Pet Plan Care Investment and value.

By committing to 12 months of Pet Plan Care I am able to offer you the initial in-depth Animal Communication session at a reduced price. The monthly support payments also offer greater value than booking individual catch-up communication sessions throughout the year.

  • A one-off payment of £80 for an-depth Animal Communication and Natural Wellness Consultation and first treatment.
  • Followed by 11 further monthly payments of £45 for ongoing sessions, which include practical advice and support, ongoing or adhoc holistic therapy and animal communication.

If you would like additional support with your animal then reach out and contact me here to arrange a call. This is an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have and gain a better understanding of the options available to you.

Love, Ruthy Doolittle x x x

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